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Title: Rusty Cage
Author: merigirl
Characters/Pairing: Cain, DG
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A little Cain introspection and angst while he is in the iron maiden and in the aftermath. Nightmares, hope and a little bit of DG.
Warning: none. Not beta'd this was swirling around my head this morning so I thought I best write it down. I don't normally do angst but I couldn't resist. I must admit to the idea worming into my brain after listing to the Johnny Cash version of Rusty Cage. 
Disclaimer: Don't own anything, especially not the Tin Man, if I did there would have been more epic battle scenes and a real ending to it. 
Word Count: 1418

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Title: Pulp Fiction: Heartless Tin
Author: Merigirl
Characters/Pairing: DG, Cain, AZ, Jeb, Glitch, DG/Cain
Rating: R (Mostly for language used)
Summary: DG buys a book, the O.Z. version of a pulp fiction novel. 
Warning: post- mini series. I imagine it to be a year after the Eclipse. A random poltbunny that I thought would be a funny little drabble but turned into this. Some strong language used, nothing torrid happens, though there are things hinted at. Humour, UST (not been beta-d this is straight out of my head. so any faults are mine. Hopefully it will make you smile. 
Disclaimer: If I owned Tin Man the ending would have been far different than it was.
Word Count: 1,765

pulp fiction

fiction dealing with lurid or sensational subjects, often printed on rough, low-quality paper manufactured from wood pulp.

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Fic: Candy
Title: Candy
Author: Merigirl 
Characters, Pairing: DG, Cain and Glitch
Rating: PG, (though I wonder what Cain is *actually* thinking.) 
Summary: There is candy and singing. Did I mention the candy?
Word Count: 610
Warning: post-series.. and it's song fic/crack. My brain  I don't know what to do with it.
Disclaimer: The only thing I own is myself. Oh and the stupid plot bunny that popped into my head with the damn earworm. Oh thanks to [ profile] erinm_4600 who writes wonderful fic that inspired me to actually sit down and write something for once instead of it swirling around my head. 

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