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The following list is most of my works in progress. There are a few plotbunnies I have running around my head, and in notes on my phone and in my writing journal that I haven't bothered to dig through yet. Though I think this list is more than long enough for now.


one more silver dollar- Steampunk Western AU. Darcy is an outlaw running from trouble right into the small town of Avenger. It will be a short oneshot but it’s being so difficult so I made a fanmix to help me write. (This fic still hates me even if the scene is all in my head)

Steve/Darcy Christmas exchange- the fic is finished and just needs one last beta read so it will be ready to post in a few days 

- a second story in the Crazy Darcy Verse. I have notes and know what the story arc is but I have put off starting writing this one because there will be angst, and hurt/comfort and upset. 

Fires Verse:
 (Steve/Bucky/Darcy) Two stories written and posted but the plotbunny doesn't want to go away so I think there will be more. I do have headcanon and notes for more happening after the story.

Fox Verse- Darcy is a mutant. It’s got three scenes/chapters written so far, I have more notes for filling in the gaps.

Prequel to Lay That Pistol Down- How Darcy and Steve meet. (Chapter 1 of the prequel is done and with my beta. I don't know how the next chapter will play out... if I should post chapter 1 when beta'd or if I should wait till I've messed about with chapter 2 and actually got it written. )

I’ll pretend I’m okay with it all- (Darcy & Steve) angst and unrequited love. (First draft is done but it needs work and I’m not feeling this verse at the moment)

Island- Crash landing on a tropical Island, not as fun as you might think. (This is only notes at this stage…extensive notes with a few chunks of dialogue)

Bored- Chapter 5 is now up but I need to end it now. I know some of what happens in the last chapter. I have a bit of dialogue and some notes but that's about it.

Rush Verse: Story six in the verse was published last month but I'm not done with the verse yet. I have a few pages of notes for the next story.

and a 45- (Steve/Darcy/Bucky) ficlet, first draft is done, but it lacks polish and detail.

lullabies for superheroes- (Steve & Darcy) has a second chapter half written. Darcy is accidentally turned into a baby (It's totally Tony's fault) and a rough outline for a third chapter where Darcy and Steve have to care for the rest of the team turned into toddlers. I wasn't going to write more but I got such lovely comments asking for more that I couldn't resist. 

- (Steve& Darcy) mostly just a plotbunny at this stage where Dum Dum Dugan is Darcy's grandfather, and she isn't phased at meeting Steve though she is excited to talk to him about all the stories her grandfather told her about the Howling Commandos when she was little. It will be angsty and a bit bitter sweet as I imagine Darcy taking Steve to visit Dum Dum's grave and they watch news reels together that Darcy has seen a million times but she will keep watching them. Mostly I want them to bond over war stories and Steve telling her what is true and what is bullshit.

handcuffed together
: I have a little plotbunny for this that won't go away so I may just write it to get it over with one day. 

: I have notes and it should only be a little ficlet of Darcy being other. 

In the blood
: Darcy is Bucky's great-granddaughter. Steve/Darcy, possible secret relationship. I have some dialogue and notes. 

Roswell and 
Dead Like Me: little ficlets I wrote that I may go back to as Sybil, my muse, isn't done with them yet and I really enjoyed working on them. 

Pollen II: (Steve/Darcy, sex pollen): I wrote 'fever when you hold me tight' awhile ago and since then I keep thinking I really should have a story where Darcy gets hit by pollen...its 456 words at the moment. Not many but it's a start.

detention- (Darcy/Bucky, High School au)- I have a prompt and a little plotbunny. Hopefully the bunny grows just a tiny bit bigger. 

the Random and the Ridiculous- Katy and I have a bunch of ficlets in the works, and a few large fics too:

Freaky Friday on a Thorsday (Steve/Darcy bodyswap ridiculousness. I blame Katy entirely for this one) dialogue, extensive notes and two scenes written 
Babe (Steve/Darcy, undercover) dialogue, a few paragraphs 
Thieves (Steve/Darcy, Bucky/Natasha, AU) This one has a lot of notes and world building, with a few bits of dialogue but not much else yet. 
and you know you're going to fall- (Darcy Lewis/Colin Shea, au-no powers) the first chapter is up and posted. Half of a second chapter is written and there are some later scenes written and tons of notes and dialogue) 
Elevator: (Steve/Darcy) scene in the cap 2 trailer needs making into farce. We are on it and have dialogue and a few notes. 
The Professor- Steve is Darcy's art prof (300 odd words and a graphic I made which I should post). 
Road Trip (Steve/Darcy/Bucky, high school/college au)