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1. Snow is falling thick and heavy in the fading daylight and Darcy presses closer to the glass to watch through the small patch not covered in a thick lacework of ice.- ah, but it's cold outside (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

2. It’s grey and rainy for most of the ten-hour drive from Virginia to Boston, and Darcy tries to not take that as some kind of bad omen for the move. - and you know you're going to fall (co-authored by Katertots, Darcy/Colin, MCU, What's Your Number?, T, WIP)

3. He’s turning the page of his book when the bathroom door opens and Agent Lewis steps out in a cloud of steam. -Bored (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

4. “Darcy, please just go get some coffee,” Jane snaps as she searches her desk. Papers flutter to the floor as Jane mutters incomprehensibly under her breath. - we can be like they are (Darcy Lewis, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, MCU, Dead Like Me fusion, T)

5. “You beeped me?” Darcy said, glancing up from her tablet as she shuffled into Coulson’s office wearing her Blue Sun t-shirt over a pair of dark jeans, and heavy black boots.- bullet hole (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

6. “Take a seat by the window and I’ll be right with you, handsome,” shouts a waitress with blue hair, a crisp blue and white checked uniform, a red trimmed white apron with a blue stars along the edge. - Montana (Steve/Darcy, MCU, M)

7. When she headed out on collection duty it had been a beautiful spring day. - your will is not your own (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

8. There is nothing special about today in particular. a perfect form in perfect rest (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

9. "Is somebody going to hand me a newspaper or tell me why Steve is humping my leg?" Darcy asks, glaring at Bucky's shit eating grin and Natasha's faint smile before turning in Steve's arms to face Bruce, who might actually have an answer.- fever when you hold me tight (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

10. “Hey, Steve,” Darcy smiles as she steps through the open doorway. -if you bring the water (Steve, Darcy, Bucky, vaguely Darcy/Bucky, MCU, T)

11. "Darcy, can you...uh... put some clothes on?" Steve says -this is as good a place to fall as any (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

12. It’s an awful, terrible, wonderful, goddamned stupid idea and she is pretty sure it’s going to end badly, but she is still standing there. -'cause we are fires in the night (Steve/Darcy/Bucky, MCU, E)

13. “Come on, Jane, if we don’t hurry all the good stuff will be gone,” Darcy shouts as she taps her boot on the floor, flicking through her tumblr dash on her phone.-But I'll be stumbling away (Slowly learning that life is okay)(Steve/Peggy, Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

14. “Alright girls. Today on the field you’re gonna meet a real hero,” Jimmy says clapping his hands together.-dirt in the skirt (Steve/Darcy, MCU, A League of Their Own, T)

15. “Hurry up, Dorothy. You’re gonna miss the show,” Tony says as he pops his head through the lab doors.-I'm On Fire (Darcy/Steve, Tony, Clint, MCU, T)

16. "What's wrong? Why are you in my lab, Lewis? You shouldn't be in my lab," Tony says, taking a step towards Darcy where she is curled up, hugging her knees under one of his workbenches. -
this doesn't have to be anything at all (Darcy, Tony, Bucky, Steve, Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

17. Monday morning finds Darcy curled half atop Steve, the sheets crumpled around her hips. - 
dive bar (Steve/Darcy,Rush verse, MCU, E)

18. “Hey, Lewis, you coming out for drinks tonight?” Barclay shouted as they stepped off the transport carrier. -
canary (Steve/Darcy, Rush verse, MCU, E)

19. "You can touch me, you know," Steve says with a lopsided grin as he washes his hair. -
no hesitation--no heart of gold (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

20. She is curled up asleep under the quilt her grandmother made when she is woken by knocking heavy enough to rattle the door on its frame. -
when it rains (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

and bonus first line for Lay That Pistol Down because I like it so much:

21. "Christ, Rogers, you look like hell," she says as he pushes through the tent flaps.- 
lay that pistol down(Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

What patterns do you see?

The biggest pattern I see is that I like to start fic off with dialogue. Jumping right into a conversation. That is part of the joy I find in fanfiction. Writing it or reading it just throwing yourself into the world and going with it. You know who the players are you just need to find out what makes them different this time around. There are a few ficlets in 
electricity hitting metal that I didn't pull the first lines from but I think the selection of twenty shows off my writing well enough. I like using short sentences to start a story. Keeping things clean and precise.. or relatively so anyway.
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Total number of completed stories in 2013: 


Total word count:

my ao3 stats say 213,050 words with probably another 20k or more of WIPs that are far from ready to be published. Holy crap that is a lot of words. 

Fandoms written in: MCU with a few crossovers too.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

I wrote a lot more than I ever would have imagined I would write. One might even say a fucktonne more. I never predicted writing more than a few little drabbles and getting it out of my system. I only wrote a few short things to start with in December of 2012, so when I joined up to ao3 the second week of January 2013 I thought that would be it. The two tiny things I wrote and maybe a bit more, as I had signed up to the first round of Trope Bingo and I think that is what really was the beginning of my downward spiral. 

What's your own favorite story of the year?

Rush verse is my favourite verse at the moment (closely followed by lay that pistol down and the only thing that's real). Rush started out as a little oneshot for a square on my first Trope Bingo card. Little did I know that the verse would keep whispering at me and I would end up writing the second chapter on my iphone while I vacation and deprived of the internets but at random coffee shops and while shuffling around the grocery story. The verse kept growing and despite my many arguments with Rush Verse!Steve it shifted to become more than just friends with benefits that sass each other and randomly spout Firefly refrences. It developed depth, feelings and love even if they are both too chicken shit and stubborn to say those three little words yet. I have been roughly mapping out the next chapter of the verse and hope to work on it sometime soon after Katy and I get the second chapter of and you know you're going to fall finished. 

Did you take any writing risks this year?

Writing at all. Although I wrote some drabbles here and there for Tin Man fandom and some Supernatural ones for a sick friend it wasn't really until this past year that I threw myself into fandom and fanfiction the way that I did.

I still don't know how such an utterly crack ship such as Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis would come to rule my life but it did and well I'm still amazed that a) I wrote so much and b) that anyone wanted to read what I wrote. 

Oh and probably writing all the smut.

Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?

I have a huge WIP list and would like to get as many of those written as possible before my muse Sybil takes a hike. 

My best story of this year:

I have no idea. I'm so bad a choosing the best thing of anything that I do.But I'll be stumbling away (Slowly learning that life is okay) is a fic that started from a song playing in a coffee shop. I thought it was ridiculous but it whispered at me so I had to write it and I'm glad I did. There are a lot of little moments that I love sprinkled throughout the fic, the friendship and the banter and I just love this verse. 

My most popular story of this year:

Promises and Pie-crust has the highest number of kudos. Its the second story I started writing for the MCU, and the Steve/Darcy ship. It is unbeta'ed and riddled with tense changes and god knows what else. It's my goal for the new year, or at least one of them to go through it and dust it up a bit and possibly write a tiny little epilogue and give Tony is damn pie.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Probably the brittle bones verse. Its not got the most kudos but I really loved the headcanon for Darcy in that and how she turned out to be both strong and vulnerable. I have a lot of feels for this Darcy and for Bucky and all the jumbled up emotions running through their friendship. 

Most fun story to write:

Collaborating with Katy on the random and the ridiculous oneshots and and you know you're going to fall has been the most fun writing experience of anything. Seriously we are utterly ridiculous throwing ideas, gifs, quotes and random snippets of dialogue at one another. 

As for things I've written on my own... well the electricity hitting metal oneshots have been pretty damn fun to write and kept me entertained in the writing of them. 

Story with the single sexiest moment:

Hmmm I have written rather a lot of porn this year. My resolve to not write porn dissolved by the end of January last year. cause we are fires in the night or your will is not your own or Bored. Writing smut is hard. All writing is hard. Why the hell did I decide to take up this hobby again?

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

If you have read more than one of my stories you will find that I really love to play with different facets of my characters beyond having fun with banter. I just love exploring little personality quirks and I love the duality of Steve Rogers vs Captain America so much. I love writing Steve so damn human. Its why I love the MCU version of Steve Rogers so very much, he is a little darker, a little more of an ass at times, and is a man not ruled by the propaganda but by his own heart. 

I like how when it rains turned out in the end. It's only very short but Steve ended up being more vulnerable and broken with Darcy that I have ever written him before. I don't tend to write a lot of angst, its bad for my brainpan but I do like how that turned out in the end. 

Hardest story to write:

Aside from ah, but it's cold outside not playing ball and needing a lot of rewrites I think the hardest story to write was the only thing that's real. It was meant to be a little oneshot inspired by one of V's graphics but my headcanon spiralled. As they often do. The Darcy in 'the only thing that's real' is broken, and much more complicated than any other of my Darcy's. She pushes boundaries, she doesn't really have any to speak of as she is putting the pieces back together to form some semblance of herself. She has trouble communicating at times and I just have so much love for the verse and that Darcy. So much so that I plan on writing a sequel story. Possibly. Maybe. Its on the WIP list anyway. 

Biggest Disappointment:

I don't know that I have any big disappointments in the fic that I have written and posted, though I do feel some degree of guilt over the ones that I haven't get gotten around to writing. 

Biggest Surprise: 

That anyone would want to read my stories. I never expected them to be read and loved by anyone but myself. Then I went I found my soulmate and best friend because of writing them. 


Story I haven’t yet written, but intend to: 

So so so many WIPs I wouldn't know where to start. Maybe the damn steampunk plotbunny will finally give me more to work with than a few hastily scribbled notes in a journal.  I just want to write all the AUs. ALL OF THEM. 

((I have no idea where this meme originated I found it in my wanderings, saved it in a draft days ago.))

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 I am bored and the Boy is watching Attack of the Clones for the eleventy-billionth time. I saw this meme on [ profile] kitschycookids lj so thought I would do it as well. its much more fun than cleaning or brushing my hair as we are pretending that zombies* are attacking outside. 

*= the annoying kids on the close that have no manners and WALK INTO YOUR HOUSE WITHOUT KNOCKING and wreck everything. I am fed up.

2011: I am a 33 year old housewife living in the middle of England with my 37 year old husband and 7 year old son. I craft and sell little handmade dolls, cards, pin badges and occasionally jewellery. I somewhat work for the studio (my husband is a photographer and I just do whatever minimal paperwork I need to do. I suffer from depression, low self esteem and homesickness for the states where I'm from. I have more friends on twitter and facebook than I ever have had in life. I am overweight and have little self control when it comes to food. My stomach is less than stellar. I am allergic to broccoli, sage, bananas on their own (I am fine with banana cake and fresh fruit smoothies with bananas in). I want to write but I'm afraid to really write beyond the confines of my blog and the little stories I write to go with the dolls I make. I sometimes feel I am utterly worthless. I don't do well in winter. I mostly hate this town though I do have a few friends here. I don't sleep well at night. when the sun is out I smile more, and we are going to visit my parents next month and this makes me very happy as I miss the states very much. 
2001: not a space odessy. I am 23 year old newly wed living in my mother in law's home and attempting to buy our first home. I work at Ikea Nottingham which is ok though I was so paranoid about working here that I am just working on the tills as a cashier instead of being a manager like I am qualified to do. I stopped painting and writing over a year ago. I'm not totally happy, but I am happy to be with Matt who I moved across an ocean to be with. I have no friends really, just one back home in California and another who is in Texas. I am not on the computer very much despite having met Matt a few years before on an X-files fans chat room. I am a geek. I also have severe issues with alcohol due to my mother's alcoholism.. I am a control freak.. I have burst into tears over chocolate bonbons that have alcohol in them WTF? I am probably depressed but I don't know this, or the fact that I have suffered with depression since highschool, I have never been to the doctor for it or much else, we never had insurance. 
1991: I am 13, living in California, we have recently moved from a little ranch house with a pear orchard and ponies to a suburb. My room is bigger and my best friend is living with us for months at a time because her family is breaking up. I am reading a lot, a book a day at the very least. I have been reading Steven King books for about a year.. year and a bit. I have a few friends but I'm very shy and have just got over a slight speech impediment. I don't play any sports except what we play in school.. we can't afford any extra curricular activities so I read, and run around the garden. I write little stories about abandoned animals, children, and an apocalyptic sci fi or two. I love history and want to be like Indiana Jones.. an archeologist not a womanizer with a whip. I have no allergies. I day dream in class when I get bored. I can't see the blackboard at school any more and my mother doesn't want to believe I need glasses. I am starting to not trust my mother any more, she drinks to much and we have nothing to relate to. I watch horror movies with my dad all the time. 
1981: I am three years old about to turn 4, we live in a farm house in a very rural part of New York state. The gander hates me and attacks me. The billy goat tries to kill me so my mother gives me a stick to scare it back. I have a puppy named Beauford ( he is very stupid.) and a cat called Daisy. There are two other dogs on the farm as well as cats, cows, pigs, chickens and the goats. Nobody really visits us though there is family a few hours drive away. we go for walks in the deep woods and everything is magic. I have lots of toys and books that I love. I am a quite kid with tangled brown hair, I climb trees and have ridden a cow. I love ladybugs, arrowheads, and the animals. I hate brussel sprouts. 


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OK, B is a problem as I am only new to LJ and I don't know that many people. *sad and lonely*  [ profile] meowatthemoon  you know you like these memes!



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