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Rose Red (Darcy/Bucky Fairytale AU)

In a cabin in the woods lives two sisters. One cold winter's night there is a booming knocking upon the door.

A retelling of the fairytale 'Snow White and Rose Red'.

and you know you're going to fall (Darcy/Colin Chapter 2 updated)

Fresh out of college, Darcy Lewis lands a shiny new job in Boston, Mass. The day she moves into her new apartment, she runs into Colin Shea: cop, gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a jackass. A jackass that just so happens to the next door neighbor she may or may not be stealing WiFi from.

Colorado Red

Darcy/Steve) mechanic au ficlet

Roswell part III

The continuing saga of the Roswell fusion verse. 

we use the weapons we have

A Peggy Carter drabble. All the feels on this one.

I didn't write as much as I had wanted to in January. But I did manage to bang out a decent amount of words despite my head not always being the best place. This morning I posted a red riding hood au, which was just shy of making it into January's posting. It did get written in January though so it is worth mentioning here. 

I also worked on a few of my WIPs, sadly they are nowhere near ready to post. But I did work on them (Rush, Lay That Pistol Down, and White Rabbit) and I shall take that as a win. 

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I'm posting this now as I don't think I will have much time in the last few days of December to write and post anything. Though I do hope to work on one of my huge list of WIPs, probably White Rabbit Verse (and you know you're going to fall) because I have ridiculous feels for that verse and the second chapter really needs to be finished. Sometime soon anyway.

, the one with the zombies, & probationary agent Lewis

A few short pieces posted to electricity hitting metal. The zombie fic I may go back to writing some more on because I have a lot of feels for that verse (I'm totally blaming imogenpenn for that, because she has an awesome zombie au here.)

we can be like they are (Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes)

Meet Darcy Lewis. A young student attending the prestigious Culver University. Unhappy with her choice of political science she takes an internship with Jane Foster. One day when Darcy is returning from a coffee run she is hit by a falling hammer. Now decidedly dead, she is recruited to become a grim reaper. Her new boss,Phil Coulson, introduces her to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, fallen heroes from World War II.

In death, as in life there are no free rides, even for grim reapers.

Bored (Darcy/Steve) Chapter update

"I’m bored," Darcy says. Two simple words that Steve really should have taken as a warning.

and you know you’re going to fall (Darcy/Colin) written with Katy

Fresh out of college, Darcy Lewis lands a shiny new job in Boston, Mass. The day she moves into her new apartment, she runs into Colin Shea: cop, gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a jackass. A jackass that just so happens to the next door neighbor she may or may not be stealing WiFi from.

ah, but it's cold outside (Steve/Darcy)

Snow is falling thick and heavy in the fading daylight and Darcy presses closer to the glass to watch through the small patch not covered in a thick lacework of ice. She scrapes her nails on the ice, and shivers at the cold seeping into her fingertips.

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your will is not your own (Darcy/Steve) This could quite possibly be my new favourite. There is awkwardness and fluff, and smut and feels. Posted

haircut-(Darcy/Bucky) It’s vaguely set before ‘cause we are fires in the night’ but mostly that is just in my head and it doesn’t need to be read as anything other than a moment between Darcy and Bucky. Posted

One more silver dollar- Steampunk Western AU. Darcy is an outlaw running from trouble right into the small town of Avenger. It will be a short oneshot but it’s being so difficult so I made a fanmix to help me write. (This fic still hates me even if the scene is all in my head)

Untitled- a second story in the Crazy Darcy Verse. I have notes and know what the story arc is but I have put off starting writing this one because there will be angst, and hurt/comfort and upset.

Fox Verse- Darcy is a mutant. It’s got three scenes/chapters written so far, I have more notes for filling in the gaps. I’m still not sure if it will be a oneshot will little vignettes or a small multichapter.

Prequel to Lay That Pistol Down-  How Darcy and Steve meet. (Chapter 1 of the prequel is done and with my beta. I don't know how the next chapter will play out... if I should post chapter 1  when beta'd or if I should wait till I've messed about with chapter 2 and actually got it written. )

Barn Dance- a sort of epilogue to Montana, taking place a few days later. It will be fluff, possibly smut, though I don’t know if many people are bothered about reading it besides Katy and Britt.(Finished and with Katy to beta when she gets a chance)

I’ll pretend I’m okay with it all- (Darcy & Steve) angst and unrequited love. (First draft is done but it needs work and I’m not feeling this verse at the moment)

Island- Crash landing on a tropical Island, not as fun as you might think. (This is only notes at this stage…extensive notes with a few chunks of dialogue)

Bored-I have sketched out the chapter and figured out what was bugging me that kept me from starting to write it. (Random bits of dialogue written, that’s about it. Just happy to know the chapter arc now)

Rush verse-I know this is probably one of my least popular fic verses but its one of my favourites. Not just for Canary the cat. I love the banter and sass and the growth of their partnership and relationship.  story six is now done and with my beta... I don't know when there will be a chapter/story 7 but I don't feel like it's the end of the verse yet

and a 45- (Steve/Darcy/Bucky) ficlet, first draft is done, but it lacks polish and detail.

Bobby pin- (Steve/Darcy) fake relationship smutlet.   posted

Lullabies for superheroes- (Steve & Darcy) has a second chapter half written. Darcy is accidentally turned into a baby (It's totally Tony's fault) and a rough outline for a third chapter where Darcy and Steve have to care for the rest of the team turned into toddlers. I wasn't going to write more but I got such lovely comments asking for for that I couldn't not write more.

gramps- (Steve& Darcy) mostly just a plotbunny at this stage where Dum Dum Dugan is Darcy's grandfather, and she isn't phased at meeting Steve though she is excited to talk to him about all the stories her grandfather told her about the Howling Commandos when she was little. It will be angsty and a bit bitter sweet as I imagine Darcy taking Steve to visit Dum Dum's grave and they watch news reels together that Darcy has seen a million times but she will keep watching them. Mostly I want them to bond over war stories and Steve telling her what is true and what is bullshit.

handcuffed together:  I have a little plotbunny for this that won't go away so I may just write it to get it over with one day. 

Dead Like Me AU: Ummm nothing specific yet just feels and headcanon swirling to hopefully write a drabble or ficlet.

Sleeping Beauty: Steve's in a medically induced coma and Darcy visits him. (finished and posted) 

: I have notes and it should only be a little ficlet of Darcy being other. 

In the blood: Darcy is Bucky's great-granddaughter. Steve/Darcy, possible secret relationship. I have some dialogue and notes.

the Random and the Ridiculous- Katy and I have a bunch of ficlets in the works, and a few large fics too: 

French fry (in Katy’s hands, my part is done) posted
Take (with Katy to add a bit more, my part is done)
Freaky Friday (dialogue, extensive notes and the first scene written…mostly)
Babe (dialogue, a few paragraphs)
Thieves (Steve/Darcy, Bucky/Natasha, AU) This one has a lot of notes and world building, with a few bits of dialogue but not much else yet.
Truth (Steve/Darcy) Steve gets hit with a truth spell, which is fine, until Darcy is sent to check on him. (a few hundred words) posted
and you know you're going to fall- (Darcy Lewis/Colin Shea, AU crossover, no superheroes or fallen gods) This has a few hundred words, snippets of dialogue and a shed load of notes that need working on. (there is a full first chapter and about half of a second chapter)
Elevator: scene in the cap 2 trailer needs making into farce. We are on it and have dialogue and a few notes. Because Katy and I are that awesome a writing team.
The Professor-  Steve is Darcy's art prof (300 odd words and I made a graphic which I should post).