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 A Peggy Carter drabble. 

Awhile ago on tumblr there was a post asking for fic of all the Marvel Ladies and red lipstick. This tiny little scene popped into my head for Peggy but I couldn't make anything else work. But this, despite it making me sad, turned out better than I could hope for. 


The metal tube of lipstick twists in her hand and with a practiced flick, the powder compact opens in her palm.

Lipstick is scarce in the war, but it is one of the few perks to working for the SSR. The lipstick glides in a thick layer on her parted lips. Red and waxy. It is not the color of blood, but the red of poppies and Christmas.

The color of paint on a round shield.

For a moment, Peggy imagines the weight of it dragging her down. She presses her lips together and smiles at her reflection. The smile is sharp-edged and brittle, fading before it reaches her eyes. Her mouth a red slash against the pale of her skin.  A wound that refuses to heal.

There will be no tears today.

There are no more tears left to shed.

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Title: The Shinin' City
Author: merigirl
Characters/Pairing: Wyatt Cain
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Wyatt Cain walking the streets of Central City. Set post series, an Ozian annual = 16 cycles/annuals in my book. 
Disclaimer: Don't own anything, especially not the Tin Man, his hat or his pants...such a shame.
Word Count: 624

The Shinin' City... )

O death

26/7/10 12:02
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a drabble I forgot I wrote...inspired by the Supernatural season 5 promo song O death sung by Jen titus.. it dosent really have anythign to do with the Winchesters just what popped into my head when I was listeing to the song...again and again...

The woman sat in the corner facing the door, the shining tips of her knitting needles flashing. Red wool wound about her fingers and she cast on and began to knit. The door opened and a man stood before her, clothes covered in dirt, and crusted old blood, yellow fangs splitting his mouth in a sinister grin. With preternatural speed the vampire pounced and the woman plunged her needles into his chest. The vampire’s pale hands clawing at the silver and oak needles piercing his cold dead heart.

“My name is Death and the end is here….” the woman smiled.

Music: O Death sung but Jen Titus
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Title: In a Dark Dungeon
Author:  merigirl
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Sam,
Rating: PG
Warnings: , nothing spoilery
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: not mine, never mine, *is poor*
Notes: written for amusement after an old conversation with Flamesparrow about Sam and Dean in the Labyrinth
Dean woke in the dark... )


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14/2/09 19:08
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Title: Lunatic
Author: merigirl
Genre:  drabble, fic, humor
Rating:  PG13 for mild explative use
Disclaimer: written for my own amusement