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 Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project-published, submitted, in progress, for your cat—whatever.

I have several WIPs at the moment, hopefully I will get a chance to work on one of them today, if not the writing will have to wait till tomorrow when I have the house to myself. The excepts are a bit more than six sentences but I thought it best you get a proper feel for the fics I’m working on.


The first fic for the-yellow-ranger based on one of her Steve/Darcy graphics. I haven’t written much more than this and it’s a bit darker than my usual fluffy fic.


‘Help me,’ the girl whispers, lip trembling as she tilts her head back to look up at the sky,  her eyes are dark, pupils dilated so wide they appear black with only the  thinnest ring of silvery blue.  ‘There should be rainbows,’ the girl murmurs forehead wrinkled, teeth scraping against her bottom lip.

‘What happened?’ he frowns looking down at her hands, her hands are torn up, wrists ringed in bruises and rubbed raw, nails ragged and torn. A small knife covered in blood is held loosely in her hands. She is covered in dirt; blood dripping from a wound hidden in her mass of darkly tangled hair, a ring of bruises wraps around her neck and disappears under the collar of her grey gown. The gown is covered in spatters of blood and a single bloody handprint, too large to belong to the girl.

‘I don’t remember,’ she whispers looking down at her hands, the knife falls with a clatter  beside her bare feet and she turns her hands palm up. Her palms are covered in drying blood.  ‘The needles, they hurt….so bright. They made me forget.  They took me away.’

‘Who did this to you? Who hurt you?’

‘I don’t remember.’


the next WIP is for the slavefic prompt on my Trope_Bingo card. It’s Steve/Darcy/Bucky. They are undercover and Darcy is not impressed, luckily Bucky is.



‘Not that I’m complaining, it’s wonderful being here in the swap, but weren’t you two meant to be on vacation? In fact can I go on vacation with you and not be here dressed like Dr. Frank-n-furter?’ Darcy grimaced bunching the red silk robe in her hands and glaring at her cleavage on display in the tight leather corset beneath it.

‘I don’t think your mother would approve of you being stuck in a cabin in the woods with two men for a week,’ Steve replied diplomatically, averting his gaze from Darcy as she adjusted the small blade hidden under her left breast with a frown. She shimmied a little, taking as deep a breath as the corset would allow before letting it drop to the floor.

‘I doubt my mother would care what the hell I do. They’re just breasts Steve, you can look, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen breasts before and there will be a hell of a lot worse at this shindig.’

‘But they are a spectacular set Lewis. Come and put your collar on kitten,’ Barnes grinned crookedly and held out the brushed metal collar in his gloved hands ‘and no claws.’

‘Fuck you Barnes.’

‘Anytime doll.’

Darcy narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth to speak when Bucky clipped the collar around her neck and Steve held up a length of silver chain and attached it to the collar.


*whistles innocently*

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I have no idea... Damn silly app and insomnia are my only excuses. *nods*

The other day I was PMing back and forth with [ profile] miller0259 in Ff (which I may never post anything at but I like to comment)... Anyway I brainstormed with her my ideas for *epic fic*. I even wrote notes. I had ever intention of starting to write some of fluffier more vibrant scenes swirling about my head and then.... *sigh* and then another plotbunny that felt neglected pounced on me and I started writing a different fic on my phone while on a family trip out. Wtf muse? Not funny I have crafting to do and a book review to write. Argh. I might get something posted soon, what I'm working on should be a short chapter fic/one shot/I have no idea. I have not written so much in years. And years.

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Title: The Princess and the Brain
Author: merigirl
Characters/Pairing: Az, Ambrose's brain
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Azkadellia speaking to Ambrose's brain while it bubbles in the tank.
Warning: none. Not beta'd this image was swirling around my head for awhile now and I utterly blame [ profile] klcthebookworm for why it got written last night instead of cleaning the kitchen. That's two angsty fics in a row.. dear me where is my head at? My must best find something silly to write about next. I have gone through a tweaked this twice as I was having trouble finding Az's voice. I may rewrite it again at a later date. 
Disclaimer: Don't own anything, especially not the Tin Man, if I did there would have been a fourth episode showing the end of the battle and what happens next for our heroes. 
Word Count: 872

The Princess and the Brain )

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Fic: Candy
Title: Candy
Author: Merigirl 
Characters, Pairing: DG, Cain and Glitch
Rating: PG, (though I wonder what Cain is *actually* thinking.) 
Summary: There is candy and singing. Did I mention the candy?
Word Count: 610
Warning: post-series.. and it's song fic/crack. My brain  I don't know what to do with it.
Disclaimer: The only thing I own is myself. Oh and the stupid plot bunny that popped into my head with the damn earworm. Oh thanks to [ profile] erinm_4600 who writes wonderful fic that inspired me to actually sit down and write something for once instead of it swirling around my head. 

candy. )


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Title: Lunatic
Author: merigirl
Genre:  drabble, fic, humor
Rating:  PG13 for mild explative use
Disclaimer: written for my own amusement