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I have no idea what I'm doing here... well I do it's all [personal profile] meinterrupted  's fault :oP

I'll figure out how to do things, but I'm slow so be kind.

I write random fic, lately its been Steve/Darcy and the 6 stories are all on ao3 

I'm going to potter around and figure things out while I sip the last of my coffee.

EDIT: I have imported my LJ here... not that there is anything of interest there but some old fic. but hey ho. 

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I made some Tin Man (and an Oz) badges. To be fair I was making some quote badges for a friend anyway so it wasn't much of a stretch. Not sure if I will pop them in my etsy shop or not but it was fun making them. Must go get my crafty hat on and then my writing hat. I really need more hats.

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ok I really don't know what I'm doing here.. I'll blame Serenity (simithedemon) I really shouldn't be here but why the hell not. I write, not often and probably not as well as I vaguely think I do. But I'm here and maybe being here will inspire me to get back into writing. Who am I?  mother, wife, cook, crafter, geek, I  watch way too many crappy movies and too much tv, I spend too much time on the internet blogging crafty things, and chatting about said crafting , crappy movies, and Supernatural too.