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Yesterday I sat in the park scribbling fic notes in one of my notebooks. Mostly things for Trope_Bingo, and one pesky Steampunk Western plotbunny that has been rattling around in my head for three months but would never quite give me enough to work with. I made a fanmix in an attempt to help pin it down but that didn't work. Apparently all I really needed was a picnic in the park on a rare sunny day. 

A little while ago I posted chapter 4 of Bored and there is one last chapter to write for that verse. Which I have notes for I'm not in the mood for writing that just now. Smut is hard to write, m'kay? 

I have this time travel plotbunny that has been bouncing around for days and I might give that a swing before or after I make myself do a bit of crafting. I haven't crafted for a few weeks and really need to fire up the sewing machine again. 
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Title: Pulp Fiction: Heartless Tin
Author: Merigirl
Characters/Pairing: DG, Cain, AZ, Jeb, Glitch, DG/Cain
Rating: R (Mostly for language used)
Summary: DG buys a book, the O.Z. version of a pulp fiction novel. 
Warning: post- mini series. I imagine it to be a year after the Eclipse. A random poltbunny that I thought would be a funny little drabble but turned into this. Some strong language used, nothing torrid happens, though there are things hinted at. Humour, UST (not been beta-d this is straight out of my head. so any faults are mine. Hopefully it will make you smile. 
Disclaimer: If I owned Tin Man the ending would have been far different than it was.
Word Count: 1,765

pulp fiction

fiction dealing with lurid or sensational subjects, often printed on rough, low-quality paper manufactured from wood pulp.

Heartless Tin )

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I appear to be writing again. More fluffy crack fic but still writing. The story I'm on now has reached 802 words and should finish in a another few hundred. Plot bunnies are evil but it's writing so who am I to argue with them? *pets plotbunnies* Hopefully this means I am climbing out of my little wallow of depression that I have been in for the last couple of months. It's been worse and it wasn't medication worthy, this time anyway, I know what I'm like and that means that sometimes I need to be alone in my head an hide for a while till I feel human again. I love autumn but I miss my folks, I miss the states and my friends and things just have a tendency to spiral down for a bit. 

But hey I rediscovered Tin Man, fell in love with it and Neal McDonough's icy eyes. I've read  some pretty darn fantastic Tin Man fic that has kept me entertained and functioning and inspired me to write some silliness of my own. So there is some hope for me yet. I may post something tomorrow and consider crossposting the previous fic to [ profile] tinman_fic if I'm brave enough. 30 something years old and still a gorram coward about my writing skills or lack there of. Anyway this is just another rant and I need to crawl under my duvet with my iphone to read till I'm tired enough to sleep. Insomnia is fun kids. Not really.

*ponders plotbunnies*