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The following list is most of my wips. Not all as some of been regulated to The Plotbunny Graveyard, or just shoved in a folder of things I wrote and hate. Some of these have a bit of writing to them, others are just scrappy notes and plotbunnies that will not die no matter how badly I neglect them. I hate my muse. 

try to kill it all away- a sequel to the only thing that's real. I have written a few words and have the arc written out in my notes so I know what happens. I've just been putting this one off forever in fear that it will suck.
Fires Verse: (Steve/Bucky/Darcy) Two stories written and posted but the plotbunny doesn't want to go away so I think there will be more. I do have headcanon and notes for more happening after the story.

Fox Verse- Darcy is a mutant with a healing factor. Vignette style. I have a decent amount of words so far but it's been forever since the verse has been in my head. I feel the need to at least clean it up and fill in the two scenes I skipped so its in some way postable..

until one night she caught me right-(Steve/Darcy) Prequel to Lay That Pistol Down- How Darcy and Steve meet. (Chapter 1 of the prequel is done. I don't know how the next chapter will play out...though I have started in on it.

Rush Verse: (Steve/Darcy) I posted story 7 not too long ago but the story isn't done and despite telling myself I don't want to tackle the Winter Soldier arc part of me does. At least from a distance. I have a few ideas but no plot as of yet. 

knives don't have your back- (Steve& Darcy) Dum Dum Dugan is Darcy's grandfather. There is one little drabble written but I would like to write a little bit more. Darcy telling Steve the stories she learned from Dum Dum and Steve separating truth from bullshit. I would also love to include Trip in the verse. I have the image in my head of Darcy and Trip playing together at a reunion. Him being stubborn and Darcy being stubborn and obnoxious.

The Minion VerseZombies, Roswellsweet collision, unexpected momentand sharp as a tack, and Dead Like Me: little verses that I haven't gone back to yet, but I still want to write more.

Pollen II: (Steve/Darcy, sex pollen): I wrote 'fever when you hold me tight' awhile ago and since then I keep thinking I really should have a story where Darcy gets hit by pollen...its 694 words at the moment.

it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage- (Steve/Darcy) This verse keeps whispering in my head so I'm adding it to the list. I just have such a love of them being on the road. Identity porn, faking the dead, fake married, all the fun tropes.

with a taste of your lips- (Darcy/Johnny) witch au. It's only meant to be a little ficlet and a graphic (maybe), but its being a pain and refusing to be written despite bouncing around in my head quite often.

ghosts- Darcy sees ghosts as a small child. Ghosts that aren't so much dead but frozen. Someone *cough* legete​ *cough* prompted me a terribly rude prompt of Darcy seeing Steve and Bucky but them not being able to see each other. I have two small scenes written and would like to write a little bit more if my muses is going to be helpful. 

with your shield- (Steve & Darcy) Steve's a little broken...or a lot broken. I've written about 1k and I don't hate it but keep wondering if it would be better to make a few minor tweaks to turn it AU. Steve as the Winter Soldier.

poison apple- following the two fairy tales already in into the woods I am going to write a version of Snow White with Bucky as the boy with skin white as snow. Damn it, theactualcluegirl​ and aenariasbookshelf​ this is all your fault. I saved the tags into a fresh document and that is about all I have done so far. (Steve/Bucky, oh god everyone will hate it and it's not even written yet)

the Random and the Ridiculous- writing with dopemixtape. We have a bunch of ficlets roughly sketched out, most of them sorted before we fell down the rabbit hole that is White Rabbit verse.

and you know you're going to fall- (Darcy Lewis/Colin Shea, au-no powers) writing with dopemixtape. chapter 4 was posted two days ago so we have a little bit of a break before Katy and I delve back into the notes to see what we have planned for chapter 5.

Technopath- writing with jaqofspades​. Darcy is a mutant who attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. This was only meant to be a quick ficlet but it's already 1k and there are more scenes that need writing. I'm really rather excited to be working with Jaq on this. Oh, and the delightful usedkarma​ has been playing in photoshop to make a graphic for when we finish.