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Title: The Hero of Central City
Author: Merigirl
Characters/Pairing: Cain
Rating: pg
Summary: er it's a song sung in the Resistance camps. *nods*
Warning: re-wording of a song. I am so sorry I have no idea where my brain is. 
Disclaimer: Don't own Tin Man, the hat, Firefly or anything else. 
Word Count: 264

The Hero of Central City....... )
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this is my first attempt at making a fanmix, It might possibly turn into an unmitigated disaster.  Tis a slightly random mix of folk, blues & rock songs that make me think of the Serenity, her crew and the whole damn verse.  


Heroes & Thieves
45 ( Accoustic) Shinedown
Dance with Death by Hooray for the Riff Raff
Cry Little Sister (bloodswamp version) by Gerard MacMahon
Oh Death by Jen Titus
She's Not There by Neko Case and Nick Cave
The Red Death Ball by Hanna Pestle
Bad Company   by Five Finger Death Punch
Broken Pieces by Apocalyptica with Lacey Mosely
Heavey and hanging by Patterson Hood
All Along the Watchtower by Bear McCreary