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it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage (Steve/Darcy)

Sometimes she thinks it’s the worst decision she’s ever made, running off with a man she barely knew. Life turned into a parody of a romance novel. Blood and lies. Days, and months, and miles. If she could turn back the clock she’d make the same choice again and again.

She took his hand before he offered it.

(a second chapter was written and posted and Sybil hasn’t entirely given up on this verse..I don’t know if I will write more or when but there is some in my head.)

the Minion verse (Steve/Darcy, Sam, Natasha, Gru and the Minions)

In which Darcy is Gru’s daughter and the Minions cause tooth-rotting amounts of chaos (a side effect of them watching far too many rom-coms).

(grew part II and part III I haven’t written any more yet, but there have been a lot of enabling enablers for this mini verse.)

things that have been seen(Sam, Steve/Darcy)

Sam sees something that he really, really wishes he didn’t.

they say that promises sweeten the blow (Peggy Carter)

Peggy on her last day at SHIELD.

white feather
(Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes)

Steve receives a letter with a single white feather in it. 

I haven’t worked on some of the things I meant to work on the past few weeks but with the Easter Holiday I didn’t have much time for writing. At least not the time needed to take away from family time, glamping and bumbling around the Cotswolds and Wales, and procrastination. Procrastination is always important. 

There is a Chuck AU ficlet that should be ready to post tomorrow if I can make a little crappy graphic to go with it. It was meant to be a drabble but expanded into 800 words (a few lines snagged from the pilot peppered throughout so it has the right sound to it. I may add a tiny bit more).

I’m hoping to work on Rush and White Rabbit (with Katy) in the next week or two with things getting back on track. I need to get over my block for one small scene in WR so I may just skip ahead and work on another scene to sweeten Sybil up. Then its passing things back and forth with Katy, a lot of whining and a lot more wandering thoughts and what ifs.

The next story in the Rush verse is only missing a scene and a half but I haven’t opened it for more than thirty seconds in weeks. Though when I did I was still quite happy with the feel of it. 

I’m proudest of the Indy verse chapter update (it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage), I just love the feel of the verse and them being on the run vaguely set after CATWS. The hardest thing to write was the Peggy ficlet, mostly because I was afraid I could never pin down her character well enough. I know all the rest of my characters are flexible, I like to shine the light on different facets of who they are. But Peggy had to be perfect..or as perfect as I could make her anyway. 

I still have eleventy seven other wips, and a few prompts in my ask that I haven’t managed to get to yet. *weeps* But it’s not a bad amount of stories for the month. Not a clue about word count as I am useless at tracking that sort of thing.


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if you bring the water (1714 words) by Merideath

Fandom: Captain America (Movies), Thor (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes & Darcy Lewis, James "Bucky" Barnes & Steve Rogers, Darcy Lewis & Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: Banter, Humor, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Friendship, Feels
Series: Part 1 of fires

Summary: "It's time."
"Time for what?" he asks skeptically.
"Time to cut your hair. It’s gross and you look homeless," Darcy says.

The one where Darcy cuts Bucky's hair.

Read more... )

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Ipod Shuffle Drabbles (Darcy/Steve) first thing written for this fandom. Darcy falls back in time to meet Steve. I still want to expand this, at least the last section into a proper fic.

Plant Lavender for Luck (Darcy/Steve) - crossover with Practical Magic- Darcy is an Owens, Steve is on babysitting duty. Fluff, flirting and magic.

Promises and Pie-crust Darcy/Steve - Fluff and pie and recipes. Honestly it was only meant to be a few chapters, but the pie… It’s just all about the pie.

Brittle Bones (Darcy/Bucky Darcy/Steve)- an arc of three fics, full of angst and emotion and It’s all Katy’s fault. Some of my best writing in here. It is complete.

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door (Darcy/Steve)- road trip fic. One of my favourite stories, I love how Darcy turned out in this one. It has a hurt/comfort flavour to it. Secretly i want to write more for this verse.

And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, It touches my foolish heart (Darcy/Steve)- New Year’s Eve fluff with Darcy dressed as WWII Wonder Woman.

I keep the ends out for the tie that binds (Darcy/Steve) accidental marriage fic. I had a freaking ball writing this and I want to write more in this verse to see what happens when Coulson and the team get the SitRep. Oh dear.

the way you hold your knife (Steve/Darcy/Bucky)- undercover assignment, lingerie oodles of banter. Aka the fic where I fell in love with Bucky. Aka Meri is too cowardly to write actual porn so this is what you get.

I’ve been careless with a delicate man (Darcy/Steve) Darcy is awkward, Steve is awkward, and Clint crashes a quinjet. I am really really cruel to them.

Spilled Ink (Darcy/Steve) Darcy asks Steve to help her with an assignment. Not quite smut but still rather hot I think.

pick you out a soldier (Darcy/Jensen) Crossover with the Losers. Co-Written with Mel. She tolerated me going batshit crazy writing dialogue and fangirling so hard over this. It turned out ace though. We made a great team.

lullabies for superheroes Darcy takes care of Avengers turned into babies. Steve is adorably clingy, Natasha is a pretty princess and Clint is a little bugger. I loved writing this one and it got loads of kudos though not so many comments. I have a prompt to write more in this verse.

electricity hitting metal prompt fills and ficlets that don’t fit anywhere else. Mostly Steve/Darcy. But some ot3 and Darcy/Bucky and friendship fic. It has 20 chapters now. Sheesh.

Cotton Candy and Photographs (Darcy/Bucky) fluff and smut at the boardwalk.

gun, glasses and spiked heels(Darcy/Steve) undercover assignment leading to a bit of smut.

Slow Like Honey- (Darcy/Steve) First thing I wrote for the trope_bingo “secretly a virgin” space before I wrote Careless. It's smut in two ficlets.

I was drawn by the fire- (Darcy/Bucky Darcy/Steve shades of ot3) Darcy and Bucky are seeing each other and Steve is jealous. Bucky likes to play games. It's really just smut with a smidge of plot.

Star Spangled Burlesque- Darcy is a burlesque dancer who at the last minutes ends up doing a Captain America routine in front of an amused bunch of Avengers and a chagrined Steve Rogers.

Candyman- Steve catches Darcy dancing in her underwear.

Ice Storm- Steve/Darcy- porn with some plot and feelings and a little bit dom!Steve.

Call Me- Darcy is the team's Garcia. There is flirting and awkwardness and phone sexoccurs.

the only thing that's real- This is my favourite Verse. Darcy escapes captivity and is more than a little bit crazy. I have more ideas for a second story set right after this fic ends.

it's just a little crush -Darcy has a crush on Steve. She is never ever going to admit it though. Really she isn't....and then he kisses her. mild smut.

the water's edge- Darcy and Steve go skinny dipping. Smut occurs.

three o'clock- Steve and Darcy are the best of friends, living in a bubble of snark and dry humour. Except they might be missing something that everyone else sees.

Coffee- Agent Lewis meets Commander Rogers. Things almost go smoothly. Almost.

rednecks, alien weapons and pickup trucks sequel to "gun, glasses and spiked heels". It's banter, snark, mission sex in a truck.  The second fic in the Rush Verse.

Impressed yet? (Darcy/Jensen) Agent Lewis is working and really has no time to be flirting. Really. Darcy Lewis and Jake Jensen from the Losers. It's cracky fluff.

when it rains (Darcy/Steve) It's late at night, pouring with rain and a hero is knocking at her door. Angst and feels. (now complete)

All This Time (Darcy/Steve)The one where Bucky is a pretty crappy bro. Smut and humour.

Chinchillas, utility belts, and storage rooms- (Darcy/Steve) third story in the Rush Verse. I am really pleased with the banter in this one. 

Bored- (Steve/Darcy) hotel room shenanigans, smut and snark and John Hughes films. 

a funny thing happened on the way to hq-  (Steve/Darcy)the one with paper cups, nanites and public nudity. rated T. friendship and humour.

lay that pistol down- (Steve/Darcy) War Time AU where Darcy is one of the chorus girls.  Smut, humour and feels oh my. I love this verse and plan on revisiting it soon.

no hesitation--no heart of gold- (Steve/Darcy) the author should not be allowed to watch John Hughes movies. It's fluffy smut and crack. The things I do best apparently.

doubting thoughts, picked locks, and canaries- part 4 of the Rush Verse . I really love how this chapter turned out: the banter, Darcy being a little unsure about what she is, their growing relationship. The fic didn't get a lot of love, it's smut and people don't often kudo and comment but that's okay, I still love this chapter and this verse.

Phone calls, dive bars, and motorcycles- Rush Verse 5.Darcy and Steve have a lazy morning or at least they try to. The phone rings with a call to assemble and Darcy has an assignment of her own. I love this verse so much and how it has evolved and they are developing feelings for each other. Also Canary is the best thing ever.. 

This doesn't have to be anything at all- (Steve/Darcy) Sometimes you do the wrong thing when you mean to do the right thing. Angst.

I'm on fire- It's not every day Tony Stark pops his head through Jane's lab doors. It's more like every other Tuesday. Whatever the reason, it doesn't really matter. He's the boss...sort of.

Dirt In the Skirt- crossover with A League of Their Own. Darcy plays for the Peaches and meets Captain America.

But I'll be stumbling away (slowly learning that life is okay)-
 (Steve/Darcy) Darcy buys a vintage Captain America Comic book and is transported back in time to meet a skinny little guy with a big mouth. 

- (Steve/Darcy) Steve visits Darcy at her family's ranch in Montana. Friends to lovers.

the random and the ridiculous- a collaboration project with Katy where we turn our ridiculous conversations into fics. 

'cause we are fires in the night- (Steve/Bucky/Darcy) Banter, feels, smut. I am sooo addicted to writing banter. Steve being a smartass is my kryptonite.

this is as good a place to fall as any- (Steve/Darcy)Most of her work at S.H.I.E.L.D. involves paperwork and hacking into other government databases, not industrial espionage and getting to play Sydney Bristow.

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the way you hold your knife (2965 words) by Merideath
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Avengers (2012), Thor (Movies), Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis, James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Characters: Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: trope_bingo, AU, Community: trope_bingo, Tropes, slavefic

This assignment was going to be a nightmare. Darcy blamed Coulson and Natasha and possibly Fury himself for assigning her to this stupid mission to make friends with a bunch of crazies who lived in a swamp, and steal a vial of possible super soldier serum. Yay for alliteration, but really who lives in a swamp with real live gators and throws parties that would make Hugh Hefner jealous?

On paper the assignment looked simple—get in, get the vial of serum, and get out again. Cut and dried no big deal. Until you read the small print and the details of the party that would be the way in. She wasn’t alone thankfully, but she wasn’t sure if that make things better or a hell of a lot worse. First, there was Captain America, Steve Rogers, The Star Spangled Man with a Plan—or at least a very shiny shield. Then there was Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes, former Winter Soldier and newly recovered amnesiac.

This fic utterly kicked my ass to write, but I did it and I got it done and now I only have one more prompt left on the row of my Trope_Bingo card.