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it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage (Steve/Darcy)

Sometimes she thinks it’s the worst decision she’s ever made, running off with a man she barely knew. Life turned into a parody of a romance novel. Blood and lies. Days, and months, and miles. If she could turn back the clock she’d make the same choice again and again.

She took his hand before he offered it.

(a second chapter was written and posted and Sybil hasn’t entirely given up on this verse..I don’t know if I will write more or when but there is some in my head.)

the Minion verse (Steve/Darcy, Sam, Natasha, Gru and the Minions)

In which Darcy is Gru’s daughter and the Minions cause tooth-rotting amounts of chaos (a side effect of them watching far too many rom-coms).

(grew part II and part III I haven’t written any more yet, but there have been a lot of enabling enablers for this mini verse.)

things that have been seen(Sam, Steve/Darcy)

Sam sees something that he really, really wishes he didn’t.

they say that promises sweeten the blow (Peggy Carter)

Peggy on her last day at SHIELD.

white feather
(Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes)

Steve receives a letter with a single white feather in it. 

I haven’t worked on some of the things I meant to work on the past few weeks but with the Easter Holiday I didn’t have much time for writing. At least not the time needed to take away from family time, glamping and bumbling around the Cotswolds and Wales, and procrastination. Procrastination is always important. 

There is a Chuck AU ficlet that should be ready to post tomorrow if I can make a little crappy graphic to go with it. It was meant to be a drabble but expanded into 800 words (a few lines snagged from the pilot peppered throughout so it has the right sound to it. I may add a tiny bit more).

I’m hoping to work on Rush and White Rabbit (with Katy) in the next week or two with things getting back on track. I need to get over my block for one small scene in WR so I may just skip ahead and work on another scene to sweeten Sybil up. Then its passing things back and forth with Katy, a lot of whining and a lot more wandering thoughts and what ifs.

The next story in the Rush verse is only missing a scene and a half but I haven’t opened it for more than thirty seconds in weeks. Though when I did I was still quite happy with the feel of it. 

I’m proudest of the Indy verse chapter update (it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage), I just love the feel of the verse and them being on the run vaguely set after CATWS. The hardest thing to write was the Peggy ficlet, mostly because I was afraid I could never pin down her character well enough. I know all the rest of my characters are flexible, I like to shine the light on different facets of who they are. But Peggy had to be perfect..or as perfect as I could make her anyway. 

I still have eleventy seven other wips, and a few prompts in my ask that I haven’t managed to get to yet. *weeps* But it’s not a bad amount of stories for the month. Not a clue about word count as I am useless at tracking that sort of thing.