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I'm posting this now as I don't think I will have much time in the last few days of December to write and post anything. Though I do hope to work on one of my huge list of WIPs, probably White Rabbit Verse (and you know you're going to fall) because I have ridiculous feels for that verse and the second chapter really needs to be finished. Sometime soon anyway.

, the one with the zombies, & probationary agent Lewis

A few short pieces posted to electricity hitting metal. The zombie fic I may go back to writing some more on because I have a lot of feels for that verse (I'm totally blaming imogenpenn for that, because she has an awesome zombie au here.)

we can be like they are (Darcy Lewis, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes)

Meet Darcy Lewis. A young student attending the prestigious Culver University. Unhappy with her choice of political science she takes an internship with Jane Foster. One day when Darcy is returning from a coffee run she is hit by a falling hammer. Now decidedly dead, she is recruited to become a grim reaper. Her new boss,Phil Coulson, introduces her to Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, fallen heroes from World War II.

In death, as in life there are no free rides, even for grim reapers.

Bored (Darcy/Steve) Chapter update

"I’m bored," Darcy says. Two simple words that Steve really should have taken as a warning.

and you know you’re going to fall (Darcy/Colin) written with Katy

Fresh out of college, Darcy Lewis lands a shiny new job in Boston, Mass. The day she moves into her new apartment, she runs into Colin Shea: cop, gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a jackass. A jackass that just so happens to the next door neighbor she may or may not be stealing WiFi from.

ah, but it's cold outside (Steve/Darcy)

Snow is falling thick and heavy in the fading daylight and Darcy presses closer to the glass to watch through the small patch not covered in a thick lacework of ice. She scrapes her nails on the ice, and shivers at the cold seeping into her fingertips.