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Rose Red (Darcy/Bucky Fairytale AU)

In a cabin in the woods lives two sisters. One cold winter's night there is a booming knocking upon the door.

A retelling of the fairytale 'Snow White and Rose Red'.

and you know you're going to fall (Darcy/Colin Chapter 2 updated)

Fresh out of college, Darcy Lewis lands a shiny new job in Boston, Mass. The day she moves into her new apartment, she runs into Colin Shea: cop, gorgeous, funny, and a bit of a jackass. A jackass that just so happens to the next door neighbor she may or may not be stealing WiFi from.

Colorado Red

Darcy/Steve) mechanic au ficlet

Roswell part III

The continuing saga of the Roswell fusion verse. 

we use the weapons we have

A Peggy Carter drabble. All the feels on this one.

I didn't write as much as I had wanted to in January. But I did manage to bang out a decent amount of words despite my head not always being the best place. This morning I posted a red riding hood au, which was just shy of making it into January's posting. It did get written in January though so it is worth mentioning here. 

I also worked on a few of my WIPs, sadly they are nowhere near ready to post. But I did work on them (Rush, Lay That Pistol Down, and White Rabbit) and I shall take that as a win.