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1. Snow is falling thick and heavy in the fading daylight and Darcy presses closer to the glass to watch through the small patch not covered in a thick lacework of ice.- ah, but it's cold outside (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

2. It’s grey and rainy for most of the ten-hour drive from Virginia to Boston, and Darcy tries to not take that as some kind of bad omen for the move. - and you know you're going to fall (co-authored by Katertots, Darcy/Colin, MCU, What's Your Number?, T, WIP)

3. He’s turning the page of his book when the bathroom door opens and Agent Lewis steps out in a cloud of steam. -Bored (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

4. “Darcy, please just go get some coffee,” Jane snaps as she searches her desk. Papers flutter to the floor as Jane mutters incomprehensibly under her breath. - we can be like they are (Darcy Lewis, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, MCU, Dead Like Me fusion, T)

5. “You beeped me?” Darcy said, glancing up from her tablet as she shuffled into Coulson’s office wearing her Blue Sun t-shirt over a pair of dark jeans, and heavy black boots.- bullet hole (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

6. “Take a seat by the window and I’ll be right with you, handsome,” shouts a waitress with blue hair, a crisp blue and white checked uniform, a red trimmed white apron with a blue stars along the edge. - Montana (Steve/Darcy, MCU, M)

7. When she headed out on collection duty it had been a beautiful spring day. - your will is not your own (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

8. There is nothing special about today in particular. a perfect form in perfect rest (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

9. "Is somebody going to hand me a newspaper or tell me why Steve is humping my leg?" Darcy asks, glaring at Bucky's shit eating grin and Natasha's faint smile before turning in Steve's arms to face Bruce, who might actually have an answer.- fever when you hold me tight (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

10. “Hey, Steve,” Darcy smiles as she steps through the open doorway. -if you bring the water (Steve, Darcy, Bucky, vaguely Darcy/Bucky, MCU, T)

11. "Darcy, can you...uh... put some clothes on?" Steve says -this is as good a place to fall as any (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

12. It’s an awful, terrible, wonderful, goddamned stupid idea and she is pretty sure it’s going to end badly, but she is still standing there. -'cause we are fires in the night (Steve/Darcy/Bucky, MCU, E)

13. “Come on, Jane, if we don’t hurry all the good stuff will be gone,” Darcy shouts as she taps her boot on the floor, flicking through her tumblr dash on her phone.-But I'll be stumbling away (Slowly learning that life is okay)(Steve/Peggy, Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

14. “Alright girls. Today on the field you’re gonna meet a real hero,” Jimmy says clapping his hands together.-dirt in the skirt (Steve/Darcy, MCU, A League of Their Own, T)

15. “Hurry up, Dorothy. You’re gonna miss the show,” Tony says as he pops his head through the lab doors.-I'm On Fire (Darcy/Steve, Tony, Clint, MCU, T)

16. "What's wrong? Why are you in my lab, Lewis? You shouldn't be in my lab," Tony says, taking a step towards Darcy where she is curled up, hugging her knees under one of his workbenches. -
this doesn't have to be anything at all (Darcy, Tony, Bucky, Steve, Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

17. Monday morning finds Darcy curled half atop Steve, the sheets crumpled around her hips. - 
dive bar (Steve/Darcy,Rush verse, MCU, E)

18. “Hey, Lewis, you coming out for drinks tonight?” Barclay shouted as they stepped off the transport carrier. -
canary (Steve/Darcy, Rush verse, MCU, E)

19. "You can touch me, you know," Steve says with a lopsided grin as he washes his hair. -
no hesitation--no heart of gold (Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

20. She is curled up asleep under the quilt her grandmother made when she is woken by knocking heavy enough to rattle the door on its frame. -
when it rains (Steve/Darcy, MCU, T)

and bonus first line for Lay That Pistol Down because I like it so much:

21. "Christ, Rogers, you look like hell," she says as he pushes through the tent flaps.- 
lay that pistol down(Steve/Darcy, MCU, E)

What patterns do you see?

The biggest pattern I see is that I like to start fic off with dialogue. Jumping right into a conversation. That is part of the joy I find in fanfiction. Writing it or reading it just throwing yourself into the world and going with it. You know who the players are you just need to find out what makes them different this time around. There are a few ficlets in 
electricity hitting metal that I didn't pull the first lines from but I think the selection of twenty shows off my writing well enough. I like using short sentences to start a story. Keeping things clean and precise.. or relatively so anyway.