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and sharp as a tack (Steve/Darcy, Clint)

the terrible troll raises his sword

What?, she thinks, racking her brain for the right response. There was a game, a game she hasn’t thought about in the two years since Darcy failed at life and dropped out. Go big or go home, and she went home. Home to her perfect sister and a crappy job fixing computers at the local Buy More.

A Chuck AU.

move (Part 7 of Rush, Steve/Darcy)

Relationship. It was the first time she’d really put a label on what was between them. There was a weight to the word that should have scared her, should have sent her running off home. Running back to the girl she was, running after a half mad astrophysicist hyped up on coffee and sugar in the New Mexico desert. The world was a different place now than it was two years ago, she was a different person. Darcy didn’t scare easily anymore. Most of the time anyway.

The Minion Verse (Steve/Darcy, Natasha, Gru, Sam,Tony & the Minions)

The one where the Minions watch too many 80s romantic comedies and Steve Rogers gets a date.

lay your hands on me (Steve/Darcy)

When people needed her help, it generally involved coffee, hacking or a heavy dose of sarcasm. Steve didn't usually need a hand.

dollhouse (Steve, Maria, Darcy)

A Dollhouse au, ficlet.

dance with me (Steve/Peggy)

Lucid days were becoming scarce. Today was a good day.

go to sleep little babe (Steve, Tony, Clint, and Darcy)

Whatever happened, it can't be a good thing.

Well, I've managed to write, and post, a fair bit more fic, in May, than I thought. I'm really quite pleased with everything, though I think 'lay your hands on me' and 'move' (rush verse) are my favourite works for the month. I am a little bit biased in my love of Rush verse. 

Look I even wrote angst laden Steve/Peggy, for the first time. Of course I cried a little while writing it but still...words. Though I'm still intimidated in writing Peggy, and I'm not sure I could write a longer piece with them, not yet anyway. 

The WIPs:

I started working on a little AU ficlet that I will edit and post tomorrow once I make a little graphic to go with it. Also there may be a completely different AU that I murbled about today that already has enablers attached. 

White Rabbit got a tiny bit of love, Katy gave it a hell of a lot more love than me, I think I tweaked two sentences, then panicked and blubbered. The first draft is done, I'm calling it, so shake your pompoms for the second draft to go well (Though I must admit that the first half has already been beta'd). 

it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage has been kicking around my head a bit so I've written a few sentences for a new chapter. The verse isn't quite as fun as others to write but I do love it and how the words have fallen together in the end. 

Um, and I may have taken some notes down for the next story in Rush verse.