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red and the wolf  (Steve/Darcy)

There are wolves in the woods, Stephen knows, with sharp teeth and golden eyes. With a mournful song to call down the moon. But still he slips among the trees, lets his feet stray from the well worn path. The wind carries the bite of winter as it tears autumn leaves from the trees; the shadows of trees hide patches of frost from the sun's warmth.

“The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's as cunning as he is ferocious; once he's had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.” ― Angela Carter

A retelling of the fairytale 'Red Riding Hood'


hallways (Steve/Darcy, Steve & Natasha)

“Damn right,” Steve says. He slams the shield over the mag restraint on his wrist, watches it fall to the body-strewn floor. The elevator pings loudly over the sound of ragged breathing and Steve tenses ready for the next fight, eyes tracking over the orange glow of the down arrow. The doors slide back to reveal Probationary Agent Lewis standing in the doorway, face pale, eyes wide behind the thick frames of her glasses, a tablet held tight to her chest with her left hand, the right curled around the grip of her sidearm.

change your stars (Maria Hill)

A woman’s life is marked in blood. Birth and moon and death.

A Maria Hill medieval AU drabble.

cold hands (Steve/Darcy)

He smells good. Spicy and warm and she's so tempted to plaster herself to him. Leech out every bit of warmth he has to give her. Never mind the ridiculousness of this moment.

tin man (Steve/Darcy & Tony too)

A scream echoes through the woods.

"Did you hear that," she asks jumping over a branch on the faint path.

" I need to do the math," Tony says reaching up to check the zipper imbedded in his skull.

A Tin Man fusion fic

I've got a bone to pick with you (Steve/Darcy)

"Open the door JARVIS," Darcy says, one hand clenching on a stack of files clutched to her chest the other clawed in the hem of her sweater.  

The door buzzes and Darcy opens it, stepping into the apartment and slamming it behind her. It's perfect, she thinks, as perfect as Steve's stupid face and asshole tactics. She roams through the apartment and finds it empty. She didn't expect him to be there after all. She finds his desk and slams the stack of files onto it. A container filled with pens and expensive pencils spills across the table and onto the floor.