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I am sorely lacking in my ability to keep my dw journal updated. But I did write in November and I’m really pleased with the writing I completed. Despite all my doubts in my abilities as a story teller and the worries that I had over Rush verse not being loved by others the way I love it (and the handful of my friends and loyal enablers).

don’t cry- Sometimes being brave means trusting someone enough to be fragile.(Post Thor 2 fic where Darcy and Steve are their failboat selves.)

no shave NovemberDoes what it says on the tin… the Avengers decide to forgo shaving for the month of November. With awkwardness and Freudian slips. 

shouldn’t part III- Bucky writes himself into the verse to give Darcy a very unsubtle push in the right direction. Words are spoken and promises are made.

Roswell and Roswell part II- Darcy and Jane are waitresses and Steve Rogers isn’t quite what he seems. A Roswell AU. I don’t think I’m quite done with this verse, because someone keeps reblogging Roswell gifs and I keep getting feels for watching Roswell and writing just a little bit more.

bullet hole- While Captain America is off on a training mission Darcy has a normal day at the office. Or as normal a day as any day is when working for the man…or you know a semi super secret government organisation. Brand new assignment in hand agent Lewis is off under Sitwell’s command. Things don’t quite go as planned, and they are running for their lives far sooner than Darcy hoped. (Part six of the Rush verse. This verse is one of my favourites, I am really proud of the banter and the progression of their relationship.)